2nd Generation

“Show Your Guts, Express Your English”

On Thursday, 2 March 2023 SMA Muhammadiyah Al Kautsar PK Kartasura held an English camp activity which was participated by all 10 grade students, this activity was held in Tawangmangu for 2 days and 1 night. The 10 grade students were required to use English to communicate, students also must be able to actively speak English to get a star.

Little by little the students were getting used to communicating in English even though at the beginning it was difficult, but we still tried to communicate in English.

The school also invited, Mr. Muhammad Abuzar from Pakistan as our speaker to talk about Pakistani’s food, tourist destinations, and other uniqueness. After taking rest for a while, the students went to a field to perform a role play of daily activities. In the evening we watched a movie entitled “the tiger’s nest” together while studying English.

In the morning the students did the subuh prayer and read holy Quran. The first agenda of the second day was sport and mini games.

After that having breakfast, the students went to Grojogan Sewu to enjoy its beauty while playing a role play as tourists and a tour guide. In this activity we had to make a vlog. There were lots of monkeys there which disturbed us but we still tried to make vlogs there. Going to Grojogan Sewu was our last activity in Tawangmangu. The students started packing and taking the bus to go back to school. That was tiring but awesome.

By: Nabila

-SMALKA Media Team-